Floor Carpets: How to avoid Common Carpet Problems during Installation?

The solution of the common problems that we usually face during the installation of the carpets at our domestic and commercial places

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Getting a new carpet for your home is an exciting thing. But if the installation is not done properly then you might have to face some problems. The maintenance and cleaning of floor carpet are also very important. There are many companies of carpet steam cleaning in Narre Warren.

Here are some problems related to floor carpets and how you can avoid them.

Furniture Indentations (Dents)

In every home, there are heavy appliances or furniture which you have to move during installation. Otherwise, it can leave marks on the carpet. If you choose the best company for this process they can let you know how you can protect the carpet from any type of damage. You can avoid this problem by using the furniture glides to save the carpet. You should slightly move the furniture so the carpet can be installed easily.

Carpet odor

Sometimes after the installation, there may be an odor in your home. After the installation, to get rid of this problem open the windows and doors so that the fresh air flows in your home.

Carpet is thinning out

If you notice your carpet is wearing down very quickly then the carpet padding is not done properly. If the quality of the material is not appropriate then it will happen. To avoid this problem choose bonded urethane, urethane foam, fiber cushion, and flat rubber for the padding.


This will happen once in a while when the tuft of yarn may rise up. To get rid of this issue simply use a pair of scissors to remove them. Remember not to pull them out because it may damage the carpet.

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