How does being overweight affects your fertility and healthy pregnancy?

Most people know if they are overweight or underweight can have different health issues.

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Sumita Sofat
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Most people know if they are overweight or underweight can have different health issues. you can face several health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. But only this it also affects fertility. There are many patients who are not able to get pregnant because of the weight issue.

If your hormones level is balanced then your menstrual cycle will also be on time. The women who are overweight will have a higher level of hormones which is called leptin. It is produced by fatty tissue. This will cause the problem of infertility and affect the hormonal balance also. If you are facing the problem then you should visit the doctor. Consult the best infertility doctor in India for the treatment.

The women with BMI (Body Mass Index) below 19 or above 24 will face difficulty in getting pregnant. The women still ovulate if they are overweight but the eggs which are produced are not of good quality. The pregnancy is also not smooth and there are high chances of complications. it includes high blood pressure, infection, blood clotting, the risk of miscarriage, cesarean birth, and stillbirth. The risk is not only for the mother but the baby has some risk also. The baby might suffer from adult obesity and other health problems for a long time.

If you are trying to conceive then you should lose weight or gain weight according to the problem you are facing. Eat a healthy diet and make some changes in your lifestyle. You will surely notice the improvement and it will also help you in the future.

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