What To Do After Hydrafacial For Best Results?

Are you unsure what to do following your HydraFacial treatment? You've arrived at the correct location. The HydraFacial treatment has no downtime, but it is a deep cleaning procedure, so it's important to avoid harsh products afterward since your face will be sensitive.

Are you wondering what to do after HydraFacial treatment? You are in the right place. The HydraFacial therapy has no downtime, but it is a deep cleansing process and is therefore essential to avoid harsh products since your face is sensitive after the treatment. Below are HydraFacial aftercare instructions to follow for the best results.

Hydrafacial Aftercare

Avoid Picking at Your Skin

The first day after HydraFacial, you should ensure you are not picking on your skin. It is not like you are permitted to pick at your skin on other days, but your skin just experienced deep cleansing, so do get tempted to pop that whitehead or blackhead that ruins your complexion. Keep your hands off if you want a flawless appearance. Disrupting your face further might result in irritation.

Skip the Toner

A day after undergoing HydraFacial therapy, ensure you avoid the toner. Alcohol-based toner or those with exfoliating agents might cause dryness and irritation. You do not need to use the toner because the aesthetician has already done deep cleansing and your skin's pH balancing.

Reschedule Your Workout Sessions

Avoid going to the gym a day after HydraFacial treatment. You might be tempted to sneak into the gym a day after the treatment but make sure to resist it. The sweat and excess heat might be overbearing to your cleansed skin. It would be a perfect idea to plan your workout before the HydraFacial treatment.

Be Gentle When Washing Your Face

One after HydraFacial treatment, ensure you are washing your face gently. The serums and facial manipulation used during the treatment might disrupt the skin barrier. Therefore, use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt without damaging your skin.

Do Not Use Facial Products

Three days after HydraFacial treatment, you should avoid using at-home remedies. Avoid peels, toners, cleansers, retinol, or anything containing salicylic acid. Do not use many facial products after the treatment because some might result in irritation.

You also should avoid using face masks. This is because they treat acne exfoliation and brighten the skin. Your skin is already exfoliated, and so these other chemicals might irritate your face.

Limit Heat and Sun Exposure

Head or sun exposure might irritate your treated skin. Ensure you limit outdoor activities unless you wear a hat and mild sunscreens. Your face is still gentle three days after the treatment, and therefore, it is more sensitive to the sun. Ensure you are protecting it to avoid more damage.

Final Thought

HydraFacial therapy combines extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and cleansing processes. HydraFacial aftercare tips above will help you get the best results from this treatment. Ensure you are adhering to these instructions to avoid imperfections. Therefore, choose a doctor who does precisely this.

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