The confusion of the MUT menu makes novice players feel confused

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Although Madden 21 has made players very addicted, they have also got a lot of MUT 21 Coins by completing some star challenges, but there are many problems in the game. For example, the menu of Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team not only loads slowly, but players do not accept the design, especially for those players who are not familiar with how to operate it will be more difficult. Players can use the following skills to follow some skills to deal with the problems encountered by players.

Ultimate Team’s menu tabs may appear in sub-menus. These menu tabs appear in sub-menus where the bumper buttons do not cycle through, or disappear from the main menu, which prevents players from entering favorites or virtual store. They need to exit the Ultimate Team mode and return to the main menu and then restart Ultimate Team to enter the desired page, unless the patch solves the problem.

Second, players also need to understand the specific operation steps of the team management menu. It has been mentioned before that the menu interface of MUT may confuse new players who are playing Madden for the first time and do not know how to operate it. If they want to place Jackson in the quarterback position or automatically assign the best player as the starter, please jump to the team tab and adjust the lineup. This will expand a series of small boxes into large buttons on the side to generate the best lineup to ensure that players always have the best players in the field.

Beginners need to spend more time to complete the familiarity of the MUT menu. Then they need to Buy Madden Coins after generating the system default best lineup before they can start the game safely. Players who can reasonably use the functions of Madden 21 will definitely stand at the top.


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