NBA 2K21 do a terrible job of describing this

NBA 2K21 do a terrible job of describing this

If I download the demo, does anybody know if it technically counts as a save game? I would like to enter locker codes from the app but don't intend on 2K21 MT buying the game for a while. 20 was my very first 2K and I always assumed everyone stating the games were literal copy and pastes were simply exaggerating. As a brainless moron who voluntarily gives into consumerism, even this can be a stretch for me. I would feel like an complete dumbass if I got this game.

2k20 was a massive improvement on 19, although not quite as good as the halcyon times of 14-16. It might have been a gigantic request to make another quantum leap in quality from 20 to 21 given next gen is coming out. I believe that it has some incremental improvements (dribbling is not as cheesy and assembles seem more balanced) but otherwise it was going to be similar to 2k20 on present gen. The real issue is if there are not a plethora of modifications on next gen, as folks will 100% vote with their pockets by buying all the other games that'll be noticeably better on next gen launch.

TL;DR: Current Gen was always going to be comparable. If Next Gen shows no marked improvement, our capacity to vote with our wallets will acquire us a brighter future. No way. The movement from job playing (whether it was based on gameplay or builds) was important.

I know you mean mechanisms, but there are multiple things that add up to enhance gameplay and this is one of them. I for one enjoyed the iso nature of the game and the more team oriented defense/offense. Intimidator and pogo stick ruined the game. Pogo definitely. I can complete around intimidators by making them jump - but not if they can jump every instant. Even Zion doesnt get up that quickly.

NBA 2K21 do a terrible job of describing this

Can there be a way to change who you use from the 2kU? The rod is horribly executed. The fact that the sweet spot might be everywhere randomly is dumb. It's a freaking carnival game and its gimmicky, not a skill gap.

This is actually not true, the solution is always straight down. They do a terrible job of explaining this. Not it is not. I shot at least 200 shots on 2ku yesterday in precisely the same place up top. The target place changes every single time and its own random. It is, it is just sensitive and maybe miscalibrated. The window will appear at another part of Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins the meter, which is random, but where your marker is relative to the green window is right down.


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