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POE players have a total of 19 Ascendancies categories to choose from. Then they need to know the ranking of advantages from good to bad. No ARPG can compete with the customization of POE. A passive tree covering hundreds of nodes and seven classes is enough to satisfy any crawler enthusiast who is obsessed with dungeons, but POE does not stop there. Skills, support gems and soaring ability can create almost unlimited possibilities. Players with more POE Currency will get a greater advantage in the game.

No advantage in the game has such mixed opinions among the player base. Guardian is one of the best characters to support other players, but how many players take part in group content. Most POE players like single-player games, so Guardian’s strong aura advantage is only useful for creep building. The Necromancer still have to defeat them to gain damage output and survivability.

Since the first release of Ascendancies, Element listed is in its worst state. Unless the player wishes to play a geomancer, which is a fairly powerful minion building, there is almost no reason to play it. Most of their famous characters rotate around the gain of rotation, which is beyond the player’s control. Waiting for Element Conflux to match an element feels bad. The player is best to use an inquisitor, an assassin or a liar.

Even if players can fully control Ascendancies and play its role, they still need to Buy Exalted Orb and POE Items to maintain their additional game activities. More and more new mechanisms and new items are continuously added to the POE to add a lot of charm to the game.


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